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Single-Ply Membrane Roof System - Flexion

When it comes to single ply membranes Keehn Commercial Roofing offers a green energy efficient solution with a WHITE Pvc Flexion rolled membrane. Flexion has a Class A UL-790 Fire rating, and an Fm severe Hail Rating for UNMATCHED DURABILITY. Unlike your traditional Black Epdm Rubber, Flexion is a highly reflective white material reflecting 83% of Uv rays keeping both your building and materials cool which drastically reduces expansion and contraction of the membrane which keeps the seams intact and your building watertight literally for decades.

We offer a 60 Mil option with a 25 year non-prorated warranty or a 50 Mil
with a 15 year non-prorated warranty.

This system partnered with our principles of integrity give you an option for peace of mind that simply isn't possible with traditional membranes.

Professional Single Ply Membrane System Applicaton by Advanced Commercial Roofing

Clean Roof and Install board stock - Advanced Commercial Roofing
Step 1: Remove all loose dirt and debris and install board stock.
Membrane Applied - Advanced Commercial Roofing
Step 2: Apply membrane, overlapping seams in the direction of water run-off.
Seams Heat Welded - Advanced Commercial Roofing
Step 3: Seams are heat welded together making the rubber-to-rubber bond unbreakable.
Applying Sealant - Advanced Commercial Roofing
Step 4: Sealing all free edges of membrane with urethane sealant.

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