Our Membrane Coating System restores your failing EPDM, PVC, TPO or other SINGLE PLY Commercial Roof through a 40 plus year proven elastomeric system application. Traditional membranes are often black, absorbing the sun’s heat and generating substantial expansion and contraction, placing extreme stress on the seams – causing failure and leaks. Nevertheless, here’s where our roof restoration begins: We start with WAC II, a high strength cleaner that opens membrane pores and removes deteriorating surface particles for superior adhesion. Next, primer application ensures product bonding to the entire cleaned roof area. If need be, we fasten the loose membrane, cover fasteners with 360 Caulk and embed Spunflex fabric over the fasteners; then further embedded fabric over seams and protrusions eliminates seam separation. The entire roof is then sealed with a WHITE acrylic latex coating (RAPID ROOF III – 10 yr. Or, PUMA XL – 18 yr.), a highly reflective white elastomeric that stays air temperature, drastically reducing expansion and contraction. This seamless restoration comes with a 10 year non-prorated warranty or 18 year non-prorated warranty.